Duty-free Diplomat shop

A duty-free shop for members of personnel of the permanent missions and international organizations with diplomatic status, as well as foreign delegates and experts on mission with diplomatic status only.


Tax Free shopping is enable for persons with diplomatic status to purchase duty-free goods for their own personal use. Those eligible include :

Heads of mission and members of the senior management
Diplomatic agents and high ranking officials
Foreign delegates of member States or of intergovernmental organizations attending international conferences, foreign delegates of States and of intergovernmental organizations with observer status at international conferences, and experts on mission whose rank is equal to that of a diplomatic agent (such persons are granted access to the duty-free shop for the duration of their participation at the conference).

Family members

Family members of the heads of mission, members of the senior management, diplomatic agents and high ranking officials who enjoy the same status as the principal accredited person (holder of a legitimating card) may gain access to the duty-free shop by showing the "customer card" issued to the principal accredited person and their own legitimating card Children under 16 years of age of the above-mentioned persons may enter the duty-free shop only if accompanied by the principal accredited person, or by the spouse who is entitled to shop there.

Family members accompanying a foreign delegate or expert on mission with diplomatic status may only have access to the duty-free shop if accompanied by the delegate or expert entitled to use it.


Persons entitled to access the duty-free shop (according to the definition above) must show their legitimating card on each occasion. On their first visit they will be issued a personalized “customer card” ( which will have identification number, local duty free shop Logo and address, name and signature customer). On future occasions, it must be shown together with the legitimation card when entering the shop and at the time of payment.

Foreign delegates and experts on mission must show their identification each time they enter the duty-free shop.

Access to the duty-free shop and the purchase of duty-free items is a non-transferable right reserved for those persons who are eligible as described above. With the exception of a family member who is entitled to have access to the duty-free shop (see "Family members"), they may not be represented by a third party (such as a private servant, another member of the organization, etc.). Moreover, eligible persons must comply with the regulations of the duty-free shop .

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