Partnership with Az Duty Free

Professional management team

At each department of the company employs experienced, high-qualified, professional experts. Our professional experts are always ready to provide you all the necessary information, assistance you may request and need at the any stage of sale process.

Financial Strenght

With our disciplined business practices, investment strategies and unique industry expertise we back up financial status of the company. “Az DUTİ FRİ ŞOPS LTD” MMC has high annual sales turnover because of high-end, original products that the company provide the customers and increasing demand for those products.


We as “Az DUTİ FRİ ŞOPS LTD” MMC guarantee to work with suppliers within the ethical rules set by their side. We always provide the customers with a wide range of products which are authentic products with affordable and reasonable prices. We believe that long-lasting relationships with our customers create the foundation for sustainable business.

Our locations

Astara Arrival & Departure shop for transport

Astara Arrival for Passengers

Astara Departure for Passengers

Balakan Arrival and Departure for Transport

Balakan Arrival for Passengers

Balakan Departure for Passengers

Bilesuvar Arrival and Departure shop for Transport

Bilesuvar Arrival & Departure shop for Passengers

Diplomatic Shop Baku

Qazax Departure for Passengers

Sadikhli Arrival and Departure

Samur Arrival Shop for Passengers

Samur Arrival&Departure shop for Transport

Samur Departure Shop for Passengers

Shirvanovka Arrival Shop for Passengers

Shirvanovka Departure Shop for Passengers

Qazax Arrival for Passengers

Xanoba Arrival & Departure Shop

Being the travel retailer, the company operates with the total number of 19 stores at border checkpoints and in Baku. These stores provide sale services for border crosssers and for members of personnel of the permanent missions and international organisations with diplomatic status, as well as foreign delegates and experts on mission with diplomatic status.

Work with Us?

At “Az DUTİ FRİ ŞOPS LTD” MMC we know our most important asset is our talented and dedicated employees.

Our partners

What is Duty Free Shop?

Duty-free shops are retail outlets that are exempt from the payment of certain local or national taxes and duties,

on the requirement that the goods will be sold to travelers who will take them out of or in the country.

Which products can be sold duty-free vary by jurisdiction, as well as how they can be sold.
According to jurisdiction of the Republic of Azerbaijan one can take 3 liters of alcohol

and 3 cartoon of cigarettes out of or in the country.