“Az DUTİ FRİ ŞOPS LTD” MMC was founded on May 03, 2007. 

Being the travel retailer, the company operates with the total number of 19 stores at border checkpoints and in Baku. The stores are located at the following places:

About company

Our stores provide sale services for border crosssers and for members of personnel of the permanent missions and international organisations with diplomatic status, as well as foreign delegates and experts on mission with diplomatic status.

Our emphasis on distinctive products, comprehensive selection of luxury merchandise, competitive pricing and our passionate focus allows us to build lasting relationships with our clientele.

We look forward to assisting you and making your Diplomatic Duty Free experience first class.

The most recognized and desired brands in luxury are represented throughout the shop.

  • Tobacco products

  • All kind of beverages

  • Cosmetic and Fragrances from Premier Designers

  • Confectionary

  • Electrical equipment and household appliances

  • Our dedicated sales staff are there to provide you with the excellent customer service in any language you feel comfortable.